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Mowing the lawn in summer

Mowing the lawn in summer
You should not only feed a new or existing lawn but also mow frequently and consistently to keep it healthy. Mowing at the right time of day, especially in the summer months, increases the quality of your lawn. This allows the grass to grow denser, which reduces weeds and diseases.

How does grass grow in the summer?

Due to the fertilisation in May and June, enough sun, and favourable temperatures, the grass grows well during the summer. It does not grow as fast as in the spring/autumn, but mowing once a week is certainly necessary to keep the grass looking good.

Grass grows its fastest at a soil temperature of 15 degrees and stops growing when the soil temperature rises above 25 degrees. As the soil temperature rises towards 25 degrees, the slower the grass will grow.


What is the ideal cutting height in summer?

You can keep fast-growing grass short, but there are still a few dangers lurking in the summer that can affect the cutting height.

Especially when the temperature reaches 25 degrees and higher the lawn can dry out quickly. It is not good to keep the grass short in a warm period. It is best to mow 1 or 2 positions higher than normal. Longer grass provides more shade for the crown of the plant so that it will dry out less quickly.

Cutting height for different lawns:

  • It is best to keep an ornamental lawn at 3 centimetres in normal circumstances.

  • A lawn that is used more often is best cut between 4 and 5 centimetres.

  • Grass that is in a lot of shade is best mowed around 5 centimetres. The more leaves, the more light!


What time of day is ideal for mowing when it is warm?

Mowing on a hot day is fine, but pick the right time! The ideal time is in the evening after 6pm when the sun is no longer strong. Mowing in the evening has the advantage that the plants can recover for up to 12 hours before the sun rises.


Only mow with sharp blades

It is also extremely important to mow with sharp blades in the summer. A blunt cutting blade tears the grass rather than cuts, causing the top of the plant to dry out faster. As a result, the grass will also turn brown faster in the warmer months.

Sharp blades deliver a clean-cut and help keep the lawn healthy. You can easily have knives sharpened at a local garden machine shop. Do this after every 20 mowing hours.

Mow at the correct height and mow often!

For many people, it is tempting to cut the grass nice and short to reduce the frequency of mowing. However, it is very important to know that the grass will be damaged if more than 1⁄3 of the blade is removed. So don't go from 10cm to 2cm!

TIP​: Enjoy mowing! The more you mow, the better your lawn will be. This is because more energy is going to grow horizontally and the grass will become much fuller. Aim to mow at least once every 5 to 7 days. It is best to mow twice a week during the growing season.


Only mow when the grass is dry

Mowing is all about the 'Perfect Cut'! When the grass is wet, the blade becomes too heavy making it more difficult for the mower to cut it, resulting in cracked grass. Dry grass is much straighter, making it easy to achieve a clean cut. In addition, wet grass remains under the mowing deck, which results in a lot of cleaning work. Therefore, it is preferable to mow at the end of the day to allow morning dew to dry.



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