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Lawn care doesn't have to be difficult

Lawn care doesn't have to be difficult

Realising and maintaining a beautiful green lawn: for many people it seems like a very big task, but it's really not that bad. The lawn only needs a few things. We explain them step by step for you here.


If humans don't eat, we'll die. Similarly, your lawn needs food as the grass will die if you don't feed it. That is why the advice is to fertilise 3 times a year. If you have 500 square metres of lawn, it should only take 30 minutes to fertilise it.

Fertilising for 1.5 hours a year ensures that your grass continues to grow nicely and has enough nutrients to be beautiful, green, and full all year round. Another benefit is you naturally get rid of moss and weeds.



Many people forget that you have to reseed. Overseeding is nothing more than just throwing grass seed on your existing lawn. But what do you do with that? As the existing grass plant gets older, its production capacity is not able to divide as quickly so it actually grows more slowly. This will give you bare spots and it will not remain a nice full lawn. By throwing some grass seed on it (overseeding), new grass plants grow every time and thus you rejuvenate the lawn and increase the reproduction capacity so that you get a beautiful and full lawn.

Renovate by scarifying

Fertilising and overseeding are great methods to get your lawn looking a lot better. If you don't maintain these habits, then you may have to renovate. Renovation is simply removing old grass, killing grass, wild plague, maybe moss, weeds, and then planting new grass again and maintaining it well afterwards. You can do this by scarifying. If this will be a large task for you, then it may be worth removing the sod completely. It is a slightly heavier job. But with scarifying, to use the example of 500 square metres again, it will take you one morning.

What can you do now?

So what does lawn care look like now? Easy. If your lawn needs some attention, spend a morning dethatching, then fertilise 3 times a year (500 square metres can be done in 30 minutes) and reseeding should only be done once. You can do that in the spring or in the autumn and that will also take about 30 minutes. All in all, it takes less than a day to care for your lawn.

Why mow your lawn?

It is important to mow properly. I really see mowing as my hobby so I am therefore a grass fanatic. I love to think about nothing and just live in the now. Put on some music and draw as clean and straight lines as possible. That is completely my thing. And that smell! Well, I'm going to stop because otherwise, you will want to mow immediately.

Please understand the importance of mowing. By mowing and keeping the grass short, the plant will grow more sideways and look much neater. Mowing is technically damaging the grass, so it will also learn to recover faster. It releases a hormone and the grass says: I want to grow. I want to heal. I have to create leaves again to be able to absorb sugars through photosynthesis.

I think the benefits of mowing are now clear. Mow with sharp blades and only once a week - that's more than enough. If you skip a week, do not immediately mow shorter than before because that is very stressful for the grass.

However, if it has overgrown, make sure to renovate, fertilise (for a finished lawn,  fertilise it 3 times a year) and, above all, mow well. By doing each step you ensure a very beautiful lawn. And of course, remember to reseed! A fun fact, they also do this on golf courses and football fields. It's exactly what gives the lawn that little bit extra to makes yours more beautiful than your neighbours!

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