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3 secrets to a beautiful lawn  

3 secrets to a beautiful lawn  

Do you know the secret to a beautiful, full lawn? I have 3 secrets that I would really like to share with you.


Secret #1

Many people do not care about the blades of their mower, but it is extremely important for the quality of the cuts. The moment you mow with dull blades, you tear off the top of the grass. This torn piece is just an open door for diseases and bacteria and you will get a strange brown appearance on your lawn. Nobody wants that! Always mow with sharp blades. You can buy a new blade or you can take the blade to someone who can sharpen it for you. Always remember, mow with sharp blades!

Secret #2

Do you know what the trick is to having a nice and full lawn? Overseeding. Overseeding ensures that the grass remains young. This gives it a much higher reproduction capacity and will grow full and denser. Oh yes, it's that easy! You mow the grass, and you scatter it.

Secret #3

Hey, did you know you have to fertilise 3 times a year? Many people only do it in the spring. They go outside, the weather is nice, and they say "I am now going to fertilise". But the grass needs nutrients all year round. Therefore, fertilise in the spring, in the summer, and especially in the autumn. The last fertilisation is often skipped so the lawn is already weakened in the autumn and then becomes even weaker in the winter. This encourages it to become a breeding ground for weeds and moss in the spring. Do you know what you are doing? Fertilise 3 times a year: in the spring, early summer, and in the autumn.

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  • Louis Hooft
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  • Eugene Hines
    Eugene Hines

    I have an old empty weed and feed container which has a spreader device on it. Would this be suitable to use with your products?

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